The Law Offices of Sadiyah A. Evangelista

The Law Offices of Sadiyah A. Evangelista is a full-service, criminal defense litigation law firm with its principal office in Houston, Texas. With over 100 dismissals since 2006, The Law Office of Attorney Evangelista strives to be the firm of first-choice for clients seeking sophisticated, high-value legal services and proven results.

With immediate action taken by Attorney Evangelista prior to the filing of formal charges, she is able to mitigate the potential damages of a conviction through negations with prosecutors on your behalf. Other cases may require a trial.

The Law Offices of Sadiyah A. Evangelista has a uniquely flexible and catering culture, uncommon in most law firms, that fosters lasting relationships with her clients. Knowing the law is not enough. Attorney Evangelista understands that her clients’ peace of mind comes first and addresses their legal needs in a manner that is consistent with the “big picture.” She has earned a reputation for being a vigilant, trusted advisor in all legal affairs, and demonstrates these values daily to achieve the successful results and her client’s interests.

Attorney Evangelista also serves the community with the same unwavering dedication and commitment to hard work that she brings to the firm. Through pro bono programs, individuals and organizations in need are partner with local legal service providers to ensure access to the justice system. Attorney Evangelista understands that by enriching the lives of those around her, the firm grows, she grows and the community grows. Beyond pro bono legal representation, the Law Offices of Sadiyah A. Evangelista is invested in making a positive impact on our communities through sponsorship of local community service programs and charitable activities.

Attorney Evangelista understands that the ramifications of being convicted of a criminal offense, even misdemeanor charges, can be much more serious than the jail time, fines, and other court mandated requirements. This can certainly affect your ability to obtain quality employment, get involved in future businesses, ability to have certain professional licenses and other problems can arise after a conviction, with long term negative effects. We strongly advise that you contact our firm at once if you are accused of any criminal offense and are hoping to avoid conviction. We will advise you as to our planned strategy and how we will address your case and what we expect as an outcome after our efforts. Attorney Evangelista is very committed to her clients through her will and ability to win.